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ANTIFA Member Sarah Iannarone Running for Portland Oregon Mayor!

An admitted ANTIFA member by the name of Sarah Iannarone is running for Mayor in Portland, Oregon. One poll has her leading the incumbent, Ted Wheeler 41 percentage points to 30.

During “Round 1” of the Mayoral elections earlier in the year, Wheeler won but Iannarone came in second place. And since that first round, Wheeler’s popularity has fallen off of a cliff. There is a very real chance that Iannarone could become the next Mayor of Portland.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past 4 months, you already know who ANTIFA is. If you do not know, ANTIFA are a group of dangerous, left-wing, politically-motivated extremists who exist on and offline.

Sarah Iannarone Portland Protest 2020

They are credited with taking over CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle and also with the 100+ nights of riots in Portland, just to name a few. They organize themselves all over the United States and Europe and have recently been recognized as a terror group along with the KKK by the Trump administration.

The argument could be made that KKK is no longer a threat and the majority-white ANTIFA has replaced them. ANTIFA only exists as an idea to Jerry Nadler and Joe Biden but the reality is much different.

ANTIFA is a very real thing with real people who are members and they are obviously attempting to seek positions of power within the Government. Sarah Iannarone tweeted that "She is ANTIFA” back in January of 2019.

Some would criticize the tweet for being old even though it is from last year and hasn’t been deleted. But there is much more evidence for Iannarone’s ANTIFA allegiance.

The Daily Caller contacted Iannarone for their recent article on her to get an update or her viewpoint on ANTIFA. She did not back down and said that there is nothing wrong with being against fascism.

This was said unironically because although ANTIFA engages in fascist tactics to get their left-wing goals met, they label themselves as anti-fascist. They say they are against racism but an ANTIFA supporter allegedly stabbed a black Trump supporter in Portland.

Sarah Iannarone

Iannarone may not become the next Mayor of Portland although the poll has her far away in the lead by eleven percentage points. During the first of two “rounds” of voting, Iannarone lost to the incumbent Ted Wheeler, but she came in at a strong and respectable second.

Sarah Iannarone

Since may when the initial voting happened, Wheeler’s popularity has dropped like a rock. And rather than having a spineless mayor, Portland could have a radical female dictator mayor.