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Researchers Say Planet Nibiru is Real and That's Not All

Researchers who have been studying the Infamous Planet Nibiru - or to many Planet X, say Planet Nibiru is real and it is coming!

Planet Nibiru researchers say not only is it coming, but it may already be here right now hiding behind our sun. We all know the story of Noah and the Great Flood, but according to some researchers there could be as many as 200 different deluge stories from ancient cultures through out the world.

Artist Rendering: Noah's Ark Flood

This begs the obvious question in terms of science what single causality could yield such a global diversity of deluge stories. For that we look back to 1940 when a Chilean astronomer by the name of Carlos Ferrada first postulated an explanation that accounts for all of these flood stories an explanation based on two objects one he calls the black star and the other an object he called Hercolubus or what we know today as Planet X or Nibiru.

Astronomer Carlos Muñoz Ferrada

According to Ferrada, Hercolubus is a large comet planet charged with cosmic energy on an elliptical orbit between the two suns of our own solar system. Our Sun and it's smaller dark twin Nemesis.

Artist Rendering: Planet Hercolubus

A man of great intellect and insight Ferrada tells us that this object does not follow established planetary laws, which in turn explains its bizarre behaviors. He also predicts that during this next coming flyby this massive object will come within 40 million kilometres of Earth and that it will be seen with the naked eye.

Visible from every point on the globe. yes we will all see it and we will photograph it but when will we all come to believe it with our own eyes that might be quite another question. Hopefully it will be in time for us to find safety from the coming Cataclysm.

Artist Rendering: Hercolubus Passing Earth

The horrific event that is predicted by Edgar Cayce a great American psychic known as the sleeping prophet. He prophesied a coming pole shift which would bring on the end of humanity.

Great American psychic Edgar Cayce

What would the celestial mechanics of such an event look like? It would probably look a lot like the one that haunted Ferrada. In the 1999 interview with Ferrada you can see the obvious pain of awareness etched on his face during the interview. As we all learn more, we all now know the pain as well. The pain of knowing of the horrific Cataclysm to come.

NASA Image: Nemesis Brown dwarf System. (1984)

We know now it will happen when these massive objects pass close enough to gain a lithosphere lock on the earth. There by pulling the skin of our planet around. This will cause the massive pole shift predicted by Edgar Cayce over 90 years ago. As with all journeys they do have a beginning, and that beginning for us, is the first dawn of awareness about what is really to come.