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Disturbing Video Captures a Crazy Woman Throwing a Small Puppy at a Man in the Street

The level of crazy goes up with this one after a couple are stopped in their car by another driver (Who we will call "Karen") who stopped in front of the couples vehicle, and then jumped out of her vehicle holding a small puppy.

After the woman disembarked from her vehicle holding the small pooch, she began to have what appears to be a mostly incoherent rant fest at the man and his occupant. After a few minutes of following the man around in the street yelling at him, she decides her point can be made easier by throwing a puppy at the man. Which she in fact does.

In the clip below you see the woman throw the puppy, who falls to the ground and begins to cry like a helpless baby in the street. The woman seems to have little or no reaction to the puppies cries for help.

The driver and his occupant have never seen or met the other driver before. And were obviously shocked by her actions. Mental health is not a laughing matter, but animal abuse is never ok. Maybe its about time people get a license before owning or adopting animals that can not defend them selves against people who's meds may have run out.

Thankfully the man and his occupant picked up the crying puppy off the street and took it home, where it was given a bath and a new home. The woman (Karen) has not been seen since.