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Ex. Military Pilot Claims Huge Opening in the Ice has been Discovered in the Antarctica

Alien Base? Entrance to the Hollow Earth? What exactly did this Ex Military Pilot really see in the Antarctica? Claims of UFO sightings are common in the Antarctica, but the recent discovery of Radiation coming from under ground has scientist baffled.

In February 2019 former navy flight engineer who to conceal his identity goes by the name of Brian has come forward with information about several strange events he has witnessed during his time in Antarctica. Brian claims to have been based on the southern tip of Ross Island at the U.S. Mc Murdo station in the Antarctica.

The U.S. Mc Murdo station is the main logistics center that services nearly all of the scientific outposts on the continent. Brian says he was part of a group that was resupplying camp outposts and science teams located between Mc Murdo station and the south pole.

"The missions were basically supplying out camps and science parties from Mc Murdo station to the south pole."

During the 95-96 season his crew was doing a lot of back and forth to both Mc Murdo station and the south pole. Mainly cargo resupply and personnel exchanges. In December of 1996 while flying a mission from Mc Murdo to the south pole, the load master in the back of the plane got on the intercom and said,

"Is anyone else seeing this? we have multiple objects to the left of the plane. what the fuck are those!"

Image of UFO captured over the Antarctica 2012

Brian claims when he looked out the large flight deck windows he was astonished by what he saw he said he had never seen anything like it before. There were four or five disc shaped objects hovering in formation over a mountain peak below.

Is it possible that Brian's sighting of unidentified flying objects may be somehow connected to the recent discovery of cosmic rays are emanating from the frozen continent?