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Hunter Biden Ukrainian Emails Released May Prove Joe Knows More then He is Saying

The New York Post released a plethora of information on Hunter Biden including pictures of Hunter smoking crack and emails that show an inappropriate connection between himself, his father Joe Biden, and a gas executive in Ukraine.

All of the newly-released information in the New York Times article stems from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Hunter had taken the laptop to a Delaware repair shop for data recovery, claiming he was locked out. The $85 bill was apparently went unpaid and the laptop was never picked up. The store owner says they repeatedly attempted to get Hunter to pick the laptop up, to no avail.

After a few months had past, the store owner started cleaning out the system for re-sale, when he found several photos and emails from Hunter Biden still intact on the laptop.

Before the shop owner handed over the device to the FBI, he made a copy of the hard drive and gave it to Rudy Guiliani’s lawyer. Steve Bannon found out about it and told the New York Post in September of this year. Guiliani then gave the hard drive to the New York Post. They combed through it and produced the story on Hunter.

The NY Post story is nothing short of a bombshell that the main stream media are already attempting to censor the story. Facebook executive Andy Stone says that they are “reducing its distribution” on their platform. Major leftist figures on Twitter have already gone into damage control mode, labeling the story as “Russian disinformation”.

There is a chain of events that lead up to the recent New York Post story on Hunter Biden.

(February of 2014) Hunter is given an administrative discharge from the naval reserve due to testing positive for Cocaine during a drug test.

(May of 2014) Hunter receives an email from a Ukrainian oil executive from Burisma Holdings by the name of Vadym Pozharskyi. The email asks Hunter if he can use his “influence” to stop politically motivated action against Burisma.

(April of 2015) Another email recovered from Hunter’s laptop shows the Ukrainian gas executive thanking Hunter for introducing him to Joe Biden. This just so happened to be during the same period of time when Joe Biden was not only Vice President of the United States, but also special envoy to Ukraine. He had repeated trips to Kiev, Ukraine as a result.

(December of 2015) Joe Biden had yet another trip to Kiev, Ukraine. But this time, he threatened to withhold a billion dollars in loan guarantees from the United States unless a prosecutor by the name of Viktor Shokin was removed from power.

Joe Biden bragged about this incident in 2018 while speaking to the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). Joe says that the prosecutor was corrupt and “everyone” wanted him gone, but the timing of his bully move on Ukraine seems rather odd. Hunter got the email from Burisma where they pleaded to have him help reduce the political attack by using his influence.

One year later, an email surfaces where the same executive meets Hunter’s father, Joe. Less than eight months later, the task the Ukrainian executive wanted was apparently accomplished. All while Hunter Biden is being paid $50,000 to sit on the board of Burisma Holdings. Hunter has no experience in oil, or gas, and was just discharged from the military due to his cocaine habit.

Hunter’s laptop has at least one picture of him with a crack pipe in his mouth. There is also allegedly several sex tapes featuring Hunter Biden smoking crack while performing sex acts. It is not clear if these sex acts are being preformed on male or female precipitants.

Rudy Guiliani made an appearance on television to say that there are thousands more pictures and much more evidence that has yet to be seen, much of which is probably illegal. Giuliani also said that China has probably had the laptop’s contents for a long time now. And if they have it, it can be very dangerous for the security of our nation and the world.