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Trump Supporter Shot and Killed by Antifa Supporter in Denver 2020

Several videos are now surfacing on social media showing the moment a Trump supporter was shot and killed by a security guard hired by local television station 9News.

The shooting happened in the courtyard of the Denver Art Museum after a "Patriot Rally" was ending. While the crowd was slowing leaving the rally, several BLM activist and Antifa members followed the crowd harassing and threatening the mostly elderly group.

After one of the BLM supporters starting becoming increasingly physical with the group of patriots, one of the patriots pulled out a bottle of mace and threatened the BLM supporter to back off and let them leave. This led to the BLM supporter becoming even more aggressive with the group.

At this point several people off camera started yelling at the patriot to drop his mace bottle and one even reached out and tried to take it from the patriot, leading to the patriot slapping the man in the face. The man then pulled out his gun, and aimed it at the patriot, the patriot fired his mace, and the man fired his gun.

Soon after the shooting images started surfacing on Twitter of the shooters tattoo located on his right wrist. The tattoo is an image used my antifa called "the space invaders against racism"

Was this security guard an active member of antifa? The Denver Police investigating the crime say the security guard has no affiliation to antifa in their most recent update.

So what do you think? Was this really just a hired security guard defending himself from being maced? or is he really an active member of the antifa organization as the tattoo on his wrist would seem to suggest?