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Whoopie Goldberg Attacks Trump Supporters Saying its time for them to "SUCK IT UP!"

Things have gotten out of hand when day time talk show host starting to pick sides against the public based of Political affiliation.

Whoopi Goldberg has never kept her feelings about President Donald Trump a secret, but now Whoopie is aiming her verbal attack against all Trump fans. Telling them all to “Suck it up.”

Whoopie, the out spoken voice of ABC’s “The View” told President Trump’s supporters on Monday to accept defeat, speaking directly to those “who don’t believe” the vote count.

“To all those people who don’t believe that Americans actually got out and voted, let me say this to you,” she said. “When you know who was elected four years ago, Hilary Clinton didn’t say, ‘Hey wait a minute, this doesn’t feel right, stop the count.’ She didn’t say, ‘This doesn’t feel right, I’m not going for it. She didn’t say any of that. So all of you, suck it up. Suck it up like we sucked it up.”

How easily they forget about the 3 years of relentless attempts by the Democrats to undermine Trump’s administration with the Russia hoax, and bogus impeachment trials. Not to mention, Hilary Clinton still to this day has never really conceded the 2016 election.

Goldberg encouraged the president’s supporters that if they have an issue with Biden “take it to the law” and “if the law says it’s something to look at, they will look at it. But from now on, suck it up!"

Despite the media’s premature projection of a Joe Biden victory, the Trump campaign is not giving up just yet.

“Grow the pair for him that he can’t grow for himself,” she said. “Because this is ridiculous, you’re not sure that he won. You’re bringing into question all these Americans who voted legally, came out and stood and voted. How dare you question it?”

The thing is, no one is questioning the valid votes. Rather, they’re questioning the allegedly illegal, fraudulent votes in several key battleground states.

The question here is this. Since when did day time talk show host suddenly start believing that what they have to say really matters when it comes to political matters? Have they forgotten they are "Day time Entertainment" Not the "News" or the "Political View".